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Welcome to Digital Warrior Labs! Be sure to check out the Lab Highlights below to see the coolest projects I've worked on!


Presenting: Game Clans!

It has been said, the family that games together stays together! In full agreement of this, a month ago, I set out to try and make a simple gaming app that everyone in my...
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I love exploring, working, and making things with computers. As I work on my various projects, I hope to share the things that I learn and create; things that are useful either for working on the computer, or merely bring enjoyment! Through this site, I'll be uploading software, games, music, videos, and more, as well as keeping up a blog with various topics, from science and tech news, to computer tips and other good stuff.

Lab Highlights

The following projects are the ones that have yieldest the coolest end results, and the things I'm most proud of!

Protect The Packages

The 2D, physics-based, JavaScript game Protect The Packages is finally here! Protect your little green packages from the evil game and its many flying purple boxes! Occupy the regions and get points! Make an account and submit your score to the leaderboard to gain world-wide fame and prestige!

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Lab Project Types

Below are all the different types of projects I work on. Each leads to its subsection, with all the creations of that type that I've made.


From short animations to potentially video tutorials, I've always wanted to get a bit deeper into animation, video creation, and editing. There are several video projects I hope to work on in the future!

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Music has been an important part of my life from a very young age, when my mom started teaching me piano. I have always loved playing music, and for the past few years I've also enjoyed trying to create my own techno and orchestral music on the computer. It's my dream to one day be able to create music as awesome as Thomas Bergesen or Waterflame!

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Software engineering is the career I'd like to go into, and more specifically I hope to one day be working on artificial intelligence. I love programming, and I love making things on the computer, so I hope to be able to make useful programs and tools for other people to use!

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What do you get when you cross art, imagination, and incredibly complex pieces of software? Video games. It's one of the most powerful forms of art and entertainment in this generation and culture. While I don't think that I personally will ever be able to develop any games even close to the level of the great works like Portal, I'd certainly like to try!

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Some truly magnificent and stunning renders have been created with a 3D modeling and animation software known as Blender. It's my goal to make beautiful photo-realistic wallpapers that successfully fool people into thinking they're actual photographs!

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Need a logo, banner, intro sequence music, or some other form of computer creation for your business or youtube channel? I'm happy to help if I can, so feel free to contact me if you need something made or designed!

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