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About Digital Warrior Labs

I love to create and build on the computer. As I learn new things, I'd like to share what I've learned and what I've made with anyone else who's interested in learning about or using technology! I hope to help people appreciate and understand technology a little more. I hope to make and show things that can be the source of smiles, joy, and awesome computer stuff!


If you would like to contact me, feel free to shoot me an email at digitalwarriorlabs@gmail.com!

You can also find pages for this company at facebook, google+, and youtube

A Little History

I've come a very long way to get to the point of starting Digital Warrior Labs. Years and years ago, I had started a similar company known as CGAP (Computer Gaming, Animation, and Programming), and I had a lot of fun with it! The very first real website I had ever made in my life was for CGAP, and I made it using nothing but MS Notepad. By my standards today, it wasn't that great, but it was the first major computer project I had ever done, and I worked hard on it! (I'm keeping it for nostalgia's sake, you can view it here: cgap.x10.bz)

CGAP took me pretty far, my little CGAP copyright was put on quite a few projects (most of which can also still be found on the cgap website!) and I learned a LOT from all the stuff I attempted to make.

Recently however, I've come to feel that CGAP doesn't fully represent who I am or what I'm trying to do anymore. I've come a LONG way from making raw HTML websites with MS Notepad, and I'd like a fresh start with a new company to represent that and the projects that I plan to tackle.

Both my skillset and goals have changed, so to help me achieve those goals, I present my much more advanced company: Digital Warrior Labs!


1. It's my goal to use this company as a way to inpsire and encourage myself to work on projects and to learn and experiment with new things. I hope for this company to give me the ability to share the things that I learn and create with other people.

2. Technology plays an important role in our society today, yet few people really appreciate it and the astounding amount of science and work that has gone into the creation of this technology. One of my other goals is to shed a little light on some of the incredible science going on behind all the screens in our lives, and hopefully promote a better appreciation and understanding of how it works.

3. To become a true Digital Warrior, to have complete mastery of all forms of technology!

4. Last but certainly not least, it's my goal to create things that other people will find either useful, or entertaining. From music and games, to tools, to tips on how to use your computer more efficiently, even to fully-fledged video tutorials on various subjects, I want to help make society just a little bit better in my own small way!

My Journey

The path to becoming a Digital Warrior is a long one, but here are some of the steps and projects I hope to surpass along the way!

  • Write music that inspires people
  • Write a complete soundtrack for a game or movie
  • Make an album of my best music, and sell it
  • Create a 2D physics engine
  • Create a small super computer from Raspberry Pi's
  • Create a complete text-based game from scratch
  • Create a complete 2D game from scratch
  • Create a 3D graphics engine
  • Create a 3D physics engine
  • Create a complete 3D game from scratch
  • Create an animated mini-series
  • Create a short animated movie
  • Design an operating system
  • Build my own computer
  • Create a set of photo-realistic wallpapers such that an average person might mistake them for actual photos
  • Make an AI assistant
  • Build an AI sandbox
  • Create an AI "Pi car"
  • Make an app, and put it on all the major app stores
  • Complete a video tutorial series on computer tips

About Me

My name is Nathan Martindale, (codename Wildfire) I'm a 19 year old nerd who's been obsessed with computers and making stuff on them for years. I've been homeschooled all my life (which allowed me the time to mess around with computers) and I'm currently studying for a masters degree in computer science at Tennessee Technological University.

I'd like to go into software engineering, and currently my dream job is developing AI systems of some kind! This is only one option though, as most fields related to computer science fascinate me!

I'm a very random person with a lot of very random hobbies, from music, juggling, spinning pencils, parkour, soccer, to watching all the LED things on my desk glow and blink (I very much enjoy anything that has LEDs on it!)

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