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New Projects Announcement!

I'm happy to state that I'm officially starting work on a couple new endeavors: A reusable 2D physics engine and a simple 2D javascript game that utilizes it!

For me personally, this is exciting for several different reasons. First off, I've never completed an entire 2D game, (much less one that had any concept of physics!) and since everything is being written in javascript, there will be no downloads whatsoever, anyone will be able to play it straight on this site!

Second of all, the physics engine is being designed so that it can be used in more than just this one game. My goal is to create it so that anyone else with programming experience can use the engine in their own games as well. I will be using my Document It program to generate documentation for the engine as I work, so that anyone who desires to use this engine will have a well documented API at their disposal! (Once a stable finalized version of this engine is complete, it will be available for download on this site, as will the documentation files)

So a little bit about the game I'm creating, Protect the Packages. The basic premise of the game is that you have one or more boxes that you try to keep in small designated areas by moving them around with your mouse. However, there are other boxes flying all over the place that will knock yours away and even destroy them if a hard enough collision ensues. Your goal is to protect your packages by moving them to evade these flying boxes!

You can keep up with and watch the development of these two projects by occasionally checking back on the projects page! (I will be attempting to keep regularly updated changelogs and status messages on the project pages.)

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