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Presenting: Game Clans!

It has been said, the family that games together stays together! In full agreement of this, a month ago, I set out to try and make a simple gaming app that everyone in my family could use to play games with each other. Back when Words With Friends was still a big thing, (at least among the people I knew), it was quite a hit in my family. It makes for an excellent game model for busy people, because there's not much in the way of time requirements, and I wanted to further this idea!

So I present: Game Clans! Game Clans is a cloud service that allows groups of people to create "clans", and play each other in simple games with a similar model to Words With Friends. To go along with it, I've completed a beta (and buggy) version of an app/desktop client.

Right now, the only game that the service can run is called Zendo, which is an intriguing and fun little game revolving around inductive logic. My hope is to expand this service to include more games of a similar nature in the future. As of now, and for the foreseeable near future, I am providing this service free of charge. It's running on Azure, and for all the usage I've put into it, I have yet to incur even a single cent in server costs! Provided this platform does not suddenly explode in popularity, (which is rather unlikely) you're free to download the app or desktop client and start your own clan!

It's important to note that this was something of a rushed project. It was intended as a Christmas gift to my family, to whom it's dedicated, and I had the idea late November! As such, there are weird issues that will take a bit to work out...I urge anyone trying it to not expect incredible reliability for the next couple weeks until I roll out an update. Also note that since I don't have an Android developer license, the app must be downloaded straight off of this website, which will likely require you to change your phone security settings to "allow unknown sources". (You can change it right back after installing the app, and I encourage you to do so.)

If you discover any issues, or have any ideas for future games, absolutely feel free to let me know!

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