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Protect The Packages 1.0 Official Release

It's here! The culmination of the past few months of work on my physics and font engines. The end result, the final goal, it has been reached! I've finally completed my 2D JavaScript game, Protect The Packages!

I'm REALLY happy with how well it turned out; I started these projects unsure if I'd even be able to get the physics engine working in JavaScript. I never really realized just how powerful JavaScript is, especially for a scripting language, which I tend to stay away from. Fortunately it all worked out though, and several of my goals have now been reached! (Creating a simple physics engine, and a simple in-browser game.)

A TON of work was put into this game, and of all the projects that I've worked on so far, this has probably been my favorite. It was great fun to code, and in my personal opinion, probably one of my better produced projects. (Relatively speaking, there's not nearly as many bugs/issues as most of my projects, and it's one of the few to finally make it out of the beta phase.)

I definitely encourage anyone reading this to go try the game out and let me know what you think! You can play it here: Protect The Packages. I also added in a scoreboard, so if you have an account on this website, you can submit your score after finishing a game.

As for what's next, I do plan on updating this game every now and then. There are currently 20 available powerups in-game, but there are several more I plan to add at some point. I also have ideas for a simple local multiplayer version of the game, where two people at the same keyboard can play cooperatively or competitively. I have no timeline, or any idea when that might happen, but I'll post updates on it as new features are added!

Hope you all enjoy!

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