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Protect The Packages

The 2D, physics-based, JavaScript game Protect The Packages is finally here! Protect your little green packages from the evil game and its many flying purple boxes! Occupy the regions and get points! Make an account and submit your score to the leaderboard to gain world-wide fame and prestige!

Protect The Packages 1.0.0

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I'm happy to present one of my proudest works, Protect The Packages! I've worked on this game for several months and put a LOT of time and effort into it. All 8849 lines of code were written completely from scratch, from the physics engine code all the way to the game loop and interface! I'm really excited with how it's turned out, and I hope that you enjoy the results of my project!

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(NOTE: This game runs entire 2D physics and font engines that were coded from scratch, and therefore probably not completely optimized. Some very old computers and browsers may not get particularly good framerates.)

Top 5 Scores

1. WildfireXIII - 9949 (12/17/2015)

2. Luke-TK421 - 4949 (9/2/2015)

3. Chesstiger - 2904 (8/17/2015)

4. TJE2000 - 2773 (8/15/2015)

5. Tazewell - 2368 (8/16/2015)

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