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Software engineering is the career I'd like to go into, and more specifically I hope to one day be working on artificial intelligence. I love programming, and I love making things on the computer, so I hope to be able to make useful programs and tools for other people to use!

"Hardware: The parts of a computer system that can be kicked." - Jeff Pesis

Software Creations

All software project creations are listed below in order of most recent updates/creation. Click on the title of a project to expand and see more about it.

Document It!

In programming, solid documentation is always an important part of any development process. Whether other people will be using your code, or even if it's just for yourself, good documentation will make everyone's job much easier!

Document It is a program that will take a simple syntax that you put inside comment blocks in your code, and turns it into neatly organized HTML documentation pages, similar to how javadocs works. It's not language specific, as it goes entirely based on its own syntax in the comments.

Last Updated: 6/2/2016

Now in version 2.0!

SquareShield Font Engine

Another engine in my SquareShield JavaScript gaming engines collection. This one is a font engine, which handles displaying pixely texts through drawing each individual "pixel" or rectangle. It gives you full control over text positioning within the canvas, and includes a small animation class that can handle a simple linear interpolation key frame system for editing values. (It also has the capability to animate colors.)

Last Updated: 7/22/2015

Current Version: 0.4.0 (open-beta)

SquareShield Physics Engine

This SquareShield physics project is a simple time-based physics engine written in JavaScript. Currently it controls rectangular objects through collision detection, collision resolution, and updating object positions and velocities. The engine comes with documentation files, (made with Document It!) and anyone is free to download the engine and utilize it in their games!

Last Updated: 6/21/2015 (Now in open beta!)

Current Version: 0.2.5 (open-beta)

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